A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Potanipo skills practice

August 25, 2019
Emilie Phillips

We spent an afternoon at the local lake practicing our kayaking skills. Notes to see what we have improved next time we go out:

  • Isaac failed his first combat wet exit, but then did his best practice wet exit yet.
  • Emilie’s sculling brace is weak enough that Isaac can tip her over. Trudy, though, could stay upright.
  • Similarly, Emilie can’t scull up to a forward finishing roll, despite being able to hand roll onto the back deck.
  • Tyson’s offside roll doesn’t work. He needs to stretch more.
  • John’s roll works, but he only holds his paddle close when people are watching.
  • Tyson and Emilie can paddle both forward and backward around a rock while only paddling on the inside. Trudy can only paddle around it backwards. And three people was too much traffic around the rock, so John got bumped out.
  • Isaac learned that he can paddle harder siting up straight rather than slouching over.
  • Tyson and Isaac held paddle swimming races to see who could catch Grandma.
  • Isaac’s skin on frame doesn’t have enough floatation bags yet. It’s hard to empty. Tyson’s Anas Acuta is way heavier than John’s similar size Rebel kayak.

We also did a quick paddle. Isaac loved finding water lilies and paddling through the grass. Tyson found a painted turtle and a raft of ducks.

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