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Hangar Insulated and Interior Progress

October 30, 2019
Emilie Phillips
Fiberglass insulation on the walls

The hangar now has insulation. Fiberglass batts in the walls and blown in cellulose in the ceiling. I need to climb up into the attic to get a picture of the cellulose. The wall insulation should be R-25 in the bays. I need to calculate the average R value including the bridging losses. Similarly, when I go up in the attic, I need to measure how thick they actually blew the insulation.

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The cupola louvers got painted and installed. The cupola is intended to be used for summertime cooling.

The ceiling is up. They used 30 foot long ceiling panels to reduce air leakage up through the ceiling. Ike said the longer panels turned out to be much harder to manage without crinkling. They did it, though and it looks nice. We also now have lights in the main hangar bay, and a circuit breaker to turn them on and off. It’s nice and bright in the hangar. It will be good for working on planes. The lighting company plotted the light intensity at floor level and it should be between 40 and 50 lumens everywhere in the main hangar bay. All the lights are LED, but still each light fixture is 100W. That’s 1kW when you turn all the lights on. We may decide to put them on a dimmer.

Drywall is going in. This is the first subcontractor I haven’t been impressed with. Ike is making them fix up some of their mistakes.