A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Hike Cedar Brook without snow

October 6, 2019
Emilie Phillips

After last winter when we found the Cedar Brook trail nigh impassible, we were curious how it looked during the summer.

Well, summer is gone, and we realized winter is coming soon. Saturday morning, we emailed friends hoping someone could join us and help with the car shuttle. Thor was available for Sunday. He brought his new dog Bear. I wasn’t sure how hiking with a dog would go, but it worked out well. Bear was well mannered. He led the way and Isaac trotted with him, happy to have a lively companion. Us adults spent the hike swapping stories from the summer. Tyson and I took half the hike to recount our trip to Utah.

Looking up the Pemigewasset

The fall colors were gorgeous. Anticipating lots of leaf peepers, we showed up at 8AM to get a parking spot. When we parked, the overnight cars in the parking lot were covered with frost. The thin sun through the clouds melted the frost before we started hiking. Later in the day, the clouds filled the valleys with mist and drizzle. The weather seemed to keep everyone away. We had the trail to ourselves.

Again wide enough at shoulder height, but blocked at ski height

The trail turned out to be well maintained for summer hiking. Unlike the typical Pemigewasset wilderness trail, it didn’t even have many wet spots. We discovered a few places where the summer trail deviated from what we had guessed in the winter. To my surprise, most winter features were matched by similar features on the ground. As in the winter, the trail didn’t have many views, so I didn’t take many pictures.

Unlike many of our trips, I don’t have any epic adventures to report. This was a tranquil hike in the fall foliage.

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GPS Track

The map says the loop measures 12 miles, not 13.