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Four walled, doorless hangar

November 24, 2019
Emilie Phillips

Lots of progress in November. The hangar is all done, except for the door. It’s kind of maddening owning a hangar with four walls, and no occupancy permit. Ike thinks he finally has found an experienced door installer.

Read the full build story to see earlier and later stages.

Siding done. View from south-west

Siding went up. The crew spent a day carefully installing one metal strip around the bottom. I felt like I was watching the emperor’s clothes get made. They did lots of measuring and walking around for that one strip. It turns out that bottom strip is critical for alignment. Once they had that in, the rest of the wall went up quickly.

Unloading the door

The 58×14 foot hangar door arrived. That was good, but then the first door installer bailed on us. It was several weeks before Ike found another installer who would commit. Which put the door as the absolute last thing that will get installed. It’s been sitting out on the ramp for several weeks now taunting us.

Interior paint complete

Trim, lights and paint. The lights turned out super bright, but really nice.

Isaac helping paint the mezzanine

The mezzanine floor didn’t need to be painted, but I thought it would look more fun. And I thought it would give Isaac a sense of ownership if he got to contribute. He picked the color and did a bunch of the painting.

Lights, outlets, heat, and plumbing in the shop

The water in the hangar comes into the shop. We plan to heat the shop with a baseboard heater this winter. In future winters when we have radiant heat in the whole hangar, we will still keep the shop warmer. The row of blue things are filters for our well water. The lights came out very nice.

Mezzanine completed

Storage is important, as we have learned in our current rental hangar. So we had Ike and Warren build us lots of shelves.

Shop completed with workbench, shelves and peg board

The shop is ready for work. Anyone have good ideas for how to organize tools and parts in a shop? We put in a mix of peg board and shelves, but haven’t figured out what will go where yet. The wall to the left is reserved for larger machines and equipment.

Panorama of the interior

Everything is done inside the hangar. What a great looking place to park our airplanes.

Still can’t get the Bearhawk in.

The whole front end is still incomplete. It has the temporary wall, so we can’t get the planes in. First the door needs to go in, then the siding can be installed above.

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  • Just curious … did the first door contractor tell you why he bailed on the job? Too big of a task? Wasn’t going to clear enough profit? Just a poor businessman?