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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Hangar Door

December 7, 2019
Emilie Phillips

The very last step on the hangar is installing the door. We found an installer, and got all the equipment ready. Then Ike and I realized we hadn’t finalized the insulation plan. We did some hasty last minute calculations. We decided to do some rigid foam outside the structure and then spray foam on the inside. As of this post, the spray foam hasn’t happened yet.

Read the full build story to see earlier and later stages.

Door going up

The two guys we hired to put the door up had installed large overhead doors before, but not this brand. They spent a lot of time reading the manual, measuring and re-measuring. First they bolted the door together on the ground, then they welded it together. Next they lifted it up and welded it to the hangar. Then our regular contractors, Ike and Warren helped install the insulation and metal sheeting.

Attaching the top of the metal sheeting

After that, it snowed. And snowed. And snowed. We shoveled and snow blowed to ensure the snow wouldn’t slow down construction.

Rubber seal on the top of the door

One of my concerns is how drafty the door will be. The bottom of the door has a flexible round rubber seal. The top got a flat rubber seal. The sides are still a work in progress. The first foam gaskets only partly close the side.

Outside complete

A couple days later the siding went up. The building inspector showed up that evening and gave us our certificate of completion.

Moving out of the old hangar

Saturday we moved out of the old hangar. Last time I have to push four airplanes around that ramp!

First project in the new hangar

Tyson spent the weekend happily working on projects in our hangar. The list of airplane work needed before the end of the year has been keeping us from going skiing. Hopefully we can now finish the rest of the projects quickly.

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