A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Family skiing trip at Cardigan

February 8, 2020
Emilie Phillips

One other family signed up for the second family cross country ski trip. They preferred down mountain skiing over a cross country tour, so we moved the trip to Cardigan.

Sarah towing Fenton

We knew from our first family xc trip that the other family could take care of themselves on level terrain in the woods. However, for this trip, their four year old would be on alpine skis and wouldn’t be able to ski up the hill. We contemplated pulling him up in the pulk. That would work, but would be annoying for an adult to ski back down with. Tyson suggested trying towing him by the waist like we had done to get Isaac up to Hermit Lake when he was five. I worried it would be exhausting to tow a kid up an ungroomed trail. The other parents worried their kid’s legs would get tired before we reached the top. Their four year old thought getting towed sounded like a great idea, much better than riding in the pulk. So we tried it.

Towing worked. No one got exhausted. Their kid had fun picking bumps to ride over. At the end of the day, they took the tow rope home.

Lunch time bothies

At lunch time, we both got out our bothies. Isaac could have eaten standing up, but I guessed the other family would have an easier time feeding their baby inside a shelter. So I led by example and set our bothy up. The two older kids bounced back and forth between the two shelters.

It’s hard simultaneously being a trip leader and a mom. When we stopped for lunch, I told Isaac he should put a jacket on before he got cold. He said he could take care of himself. With him bouncing between the two shelters, I couldn’t monitor his temperature, and I wasn’t there to see him pour hot chocolate all over himself. When he then really wanted to get moving, I accepted it at face value. And when he said his gloves were dry, I didn’t double check. We eventually figured out he was freezing, but not before devolving into an argument.


I brought my new skis and boots to try out. They should be a compromise between telemark and cross country. The combo didn’t work in my opinion. The wide double camber skis didn’t turn. And the two buckle Scarpa boots didn’t flex for touring.

Everyone else had a fun time skiing down the Dukes Trail. Isaac thinks it’s great that I am trying to start a family skiing club. He’s hoping I will start a family kayaking club too.

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