A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Harrisville Pond on the ice

March 8, 2020
Emilie Phillips

Peter, a long time friend of Tyson, invited us to drop by his place for the afternoon. His house is right on Harrisville Pond. In the summer, he pulls his float plane out from his barn to his dock. I wasn’t sure about us flying over on wheels. Lake Potanipo, down the road from us, already has patches of open water. But Peter said he measured the ice at his house and it was 12 inches thick. That is plenty for a plane.

Cracks forming in Greenville reservoir

On the flight over, I eyeballed every lake. Whether because we gained elevation or we moved inland, the lake ice grew progressively more complete and whiter.

We spotted Peter’s Funk on the ice. He had flown it over from Jaffrey. Tyson circled once and landed. Peter showed us every feature of the Funk. Then I quizzed Peter on his PV set up. Apparently he used to be a professor of sustainable architecture. I will want to inquire more about that next time we meet.

Landed outside Peter’s house

We enjoyed some s’mores and sandwiches and chatted for a while. Isaac tested out riding his bike on the ice. He had ridden on a small patch of ice near our house and really wanted to try his bike on more ice. His hypothesis was that the bike stuck as long as he stayed in first gear. On Harrisville pond, the ice surface was grainy. It was also melting and turning mushy or even to corn. So Isaac’s bike stuck except when he braked hard, or peddled hard.

We departed with promises to come fly the Funk some time, and to invite them to our hangar warming party.

The hangar warming party scheduled for two weeks later was not to be. It fell victim to the coronavirus prevention efforts.

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