A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Flying around the patch

April 15, 2020
Emilie Phillips

Some people have more free time during this pandemic. We have less free time. By the end of a week of juggling work and home/remote schooling Isaac, we barely have time to get out and get some exercise, never mind flying somewhere interesting. The good news is our new hangar is living up to our hopes. In the old rental hangar, I needed Tyson’s help and a half hour to push planes around. Now I can walk out my door by myself, and ten minutes later be starting the Bearhawk’s engine.

31″ bush wheel vs 600×6 tire.

Tyson found time to put the Bearhawk back on the giant bush wheels. He claimed it was too muddy for the 600×6’s.

My most fun half hour of flying recently was the evening when I decided to take the Bearhawk out in gusty cross winds. Tyson took a snapshot of the wind speeds reported by the airport weather station.

I have not changed my mind about which airplane is more fun. But my RV-4 was in Manchester for it’s annual condition inspection, so I had nothing else to fly besides the Bearhawk. We just flew the RV-4 home today.



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Comments (2)

  • Hi Emilie,

    Just a silly question from someone who knows nothing about flying – –
    Wondering why you landed on the grass beside the paved runway rather than the runway itself. I know it wasn’t by mistake!!!

    Was it because you were wearing the big tires that might have made you bounce on the asphault??

    Loved the Wapack pictures of Tyson and Isaac especially

    Hope you are well

    Love Susan

    • The rubber on the bush wheels is very soft — probably to help equalize pressure on bumpy off-airport surfaces. But because it is so soft, it wears out on the pavement. Then you have to buy another set of expensive tires.