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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Bike Loop

May 24, 2020
Emilie Phillips

Isaac spotted the milk snake and told us all to stop. That’s what he wants me to write in the post. We were out for a Sunday afternoon bike ride. We had enough time to make it out of the neighborhood, but not enough to go far. Motivated by last week’s post, I picked a loop going south and into Brookline. We had bicycled most of it before.

I heard the lady slippers are blooming at Beaver Brook. We were going too fast on the bicycles to check if any were blooming in the woods near us. Most of the loop was how we remembered it. The road seemed more torn up from ATV traffic. We also found a line of boulders blocking the road. Maybe related?

The snake stayed frozen in the middle of the road while we watched it. Eventually Tyson put his hand down next to the snake to see if it would let him pick it up. The snake flicked it’s tongue across Tyson’s hand and then slithered straight off into the bushes.

The following day, Monday, I explored that area even more. But somehow Wednesday snuck up early on me, so I don’t have a post ready. [Update here is the post.]

See also the 2019 bike ride to ice cream where we followed part of the same class VI roads.

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