A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Howard Point to Maple Juice Cove and back

August 20, 2020
John Phillips

With Emilie and Tyson off on their longest day, Trudy(Grandmother), John(Grandfather) and Isaac picked a shorter 5 1/2 mile route. Starting from the house on the northern edge of Howard Point we headed almost straight north, crossing out of Turkey Cove into the main channel of the St George River, and then into Maple Juice Cove. For Isaac, crossing the open expanse of the St George Rive was a mental challenge. For all three, the westerly winds and wind driven waves were a navigational challenge.

Once we reached the area of lobster pots on the western side, everyone could relax a bit. Then, as a little reward two seal heads popped up among the lobster pots and watched us for a moment. After a snack, we continued north into Maple Juice Cove, resting at an island inside of Burton Point. As we paddled further north toward South Cushing, the area became a busy seafood terminal so we turned and headed back.

With continuing strong westerly winds and waves, the challenge again was to hold a course across the open channel of the St George River. Every one made the 5 1/2 miles under their own power, and arrived wanting lunch. 3 1/2 hours total.

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