A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Grigory, Kaitrin, and their kid Colin took Isaac and I on a hike on the west side of the Belknap Range (map here). Colin is still doing shorter hikes, so we drove the very bumpy and steep dirt Carriage Road to the upper parking lot. We first hiked to the top of Gunstock. The deck there was set up for a wedding, and they started the chairs to bring people up. Next we went looking for an airplane crash site from the 70’s. Some reports on the internet said the use trail to the site was a tenth of a mile from the summit, others said right at the summit. Right at the summit turned out to be more accurate. Unfortunately, we turned off at a cairn a bit more than a tenth of a mile from the summit. It had letters painted on it, so it looked important. We followed the use path from that down to an open ledge, but no airplane parts. Then Grigory and I both found GPS coordinates online and we bushwhacked south until we found the actual site. I could recognize bits of wing and tail, but not fuselage or landing gear. The correct trail went straight up the hill from the crash site to the top of Belknap Mountain. We skipped the fire tower at the top because of kid antics. And then took the short way back down.

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