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Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Timber Point Trail

August 22, 2020
Emilie Phillips

The last stop on our week long kayaking vacation was only intended as a break to stretch our legs. Tyson didn’t even bother GPS’ing the walk at first because it was already on Open Street Maps. About half way between our rental cottage and home, there is a piece of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge with a trail to Timber Point and low tide access to Timber Island. (Link to refuge trail map.)

The parking area can accommodate 9 cars. We found that it has an official hand-carry boat launch on the north side into the Little River, and a use trail to the beach on the south side that could be used as a less muddy launch. This area is just south of Saco where we have paddled several times this summer.

Main house

The walk mostly follows an old road. At the very end of the road, we found signs explaining the place. It ends at an old mansion, donated to the wildlife refuge. I forget who built it, but it was some well respected architect. Some of the out buildings are still intact. I wonder what the wildlife refuge is planning to do with the mansion. Buildings don’t seem within the purview of wildlife refuges. (Link to the history of Timber Point.)

View towards Goose Rocks Beach

At the point, a whole bunch of trails break off from the road. Most of them weren’t on open street maps, so Tyson started up his GPS and hiked in circles until he had all of them. It was high tide now, so we couldn’t walk across to Timber Island. This did explain all the people we had seen walking around the island the one time we landed there with our kayaks. The point has a view of Goose Rocks Beach, and one other family hiked out to Timber Point for an alternate beach with fewer people.

I never would have driven up there just to see the preserve, but it made a very nice respite from the drive.

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