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Applesauce again this year

November 15, 2020
Emilie Phillips

I didn’t get to applesauce until late this year. So late I was worried the local farm would have sold out of apples. They had very limited selection of grade B bags — a few bags of Cortland, a mix of Macintosh and Macoun, and a bunch of Honey Crisp. The last time I made applesauce with Honey Crisp apples, it came out too sweet for my tastes. I wished they had the Mutsu that gave last year’s sauce a nice zip. But I suppose I can’t be picky when I show up late November on a year with low yield from a drought and presumably everyone else making pandemic applesauce to put on their sourdough bread. Speaking of the pandemic, I couldn’t find canning lids or jars anywhere. Luckily I had over-bought lids last year, and I had some spare pasta sauce jars.

This year’s recipe

  • 1 bushel Cortland
  • 1/2 bushel Macintosh
  • 1/2 bushel Macoun

Yield 32 quarts.

The applesauce came out more liquid than other years. The first pressing flowed with clear juice. I made sure to run the skin through the food mill several times to get as much pulp as I could. At first I was worried the flavor was off because it had a woody aroma when cooking. But the final result tasted fine. Redder than last year.

I need to figure out how to cook more pots of apples on the stove. Once I pull out my canning pot, I only have room for one apple pot, and the apples become the bottleneck. We were up until 1:30AM cooking. Without the usual friends over to help, and sample the applesauce, I got a full 32 quarts canned.

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