A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

We didn’t go on any big adventures this weekend. I was busy making our biannual photo album. Tyson did airplane maintenance. We finished with a small hike up Kidder Mountain.

The photo album made me catch up on all the photos I hadn’t processed yet for the year. I posted the photos from the third day of our Thanksgiving vacation to Bar Harbor. (It didn’t help with the overdue trip reports.) We did a whole bunch of fun things this year despite covid. Yet there were faces and places missing.

Tyson is trying to get the skis mounted on the new Bearhawk gear which is new as of last year. While working on that, he discovered that the exhaust tunnel had rusted through.

New and old Bearhawk exhaust tunnel

The exhaust tunnel is the metal that protects the fuselage from the exhaust coming out of the tail pipes. The hole would explain why we have been smelling exhaust in the cabin lately. Tyson got a local shop to custom make a new tunnel out of stainless steel so it won’t rust. He’s waiting for anchor nuts to finish mounting it.

Joe helping Tyson set up the milling machine

Back on the airplane skis project, Tyson needed to use the milling machine to modify a part that didn’t quite fit right on the new axles. Except the milling machine gifted to us by our former neighbors, was still partly disassembled. So Tyson spent Saturday getting help putting it and the lathe together. Now he has a functioning shop.

Meanwhile, Isaac and I bought a christmas tree (in the pouring rain), discovered our old light strands were broken, and miraculously found a hardware store that still had LED lights in stock.

Sunday afternoon, we decided we had better get outside, wiggle, and do something fun. Tyson suggested Kidder mountain because it’s a short hike up to a nice view. It’s not the prettiest hike, skirting people’s backyards, a power line, and old roads. But the view was worth it. On the way back down, we spotted a gorgeous red and orange sunset through the trees. It was only there for a couple minutes, not even long enough for me to take it’s picture at the next clear spot.

Also, note to myself, it looks like the Wapack trail has be rerouted to it’s old location coming off rt 124 at the top of the saddle. The Friends of the Wapack news says their new guidebook has “changes associated with […] the closing of Windblown XC Ski Area.” Maybe related to that?

Hike photos

Hike GPS track