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Top Posts of 2020

Emilie Phillips

For the fun of it, I decided to look back at my posts from 2020. Which ones were most popular? And which ones do I really like?

The first thing that popped out at me, is how many really important trips I didn’t post about. I hadn’t even finished posting the photos from the family Colorado 10th Mountain Division Hut Ski Trip. Neither had I written the third day of our Thanksgiving in Acadia National Park. And several small local trips passed un-noted. So I dug up my notes for Colorado, and wrote the first post in the sequence for that trip: Preparing for a 10th Mountain Division Ski Vacation. And the last day of Thanksgiving vacation: Cadillac Mountain from town.

Beautiful aspen glade

Other than those two trips, the highlights of the year were

Playing in the Biddeford Pool tide race

As for the most popular posts, they were

  1. Biddeford Pool — why this kayaking trip? I have no idea. If you do, let me know in the comments
  2. How to Backcountry Ski with a Toddler or Little Kid — This is actual useful advice for other people, not just stories for friends and family. So I’m happy to see this getting traffic. Most of the traffic has been late this fall and early winter as everyone is trying to figure out how to get outside safely. A well timed post.
  3. Peirce Wildlife and Forest Reservation: More Stoddard Exploration, (and Stoddard Rocks and Pioneer Lake and Stoddard Rocks). These were popular over the summer. I assume for the same reason as we found ourselves there — people looking for out of the way places to hike. And like us, they found not much information on the Stoddard Rocks area. Clearly I should put together a concise summary.
  4. Straightback Mountain. This is a secondary peak to Mt Major. So maybe people were looking for a slightly less crowded alternative?
  5. Skiing Castle Ravine. When we looked into skiing Castle Ravine early this spring, we found almost no information on the internet. This post is now the top result if you search for skiing Castle Ravine. I hope people are finding it useful.