A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Vacation day 2 – Jackson

February 24, 2021
Emilie Phillips

For the second day of our mini-vacation, we met up with Cheri at Jackson. Isaac and Cheri both like skate skiing, but I figured a whole day of skate skiing would be too much for him. So we did half the day classic and half the day skating.

The previous day, we had cross country skied at Bretton Woods with a younger family and cooler weather. We stayed the night at an AirBnb outside Conway. Isaac loved the collection of colorful pillows, large stuffies, and games. I lost our one game of battleship.

The weather Wednesday was supposed to be so far above freezing that I requested we classic in the morning. I was afraid none of my grip wax would be sticky enough for sunny 40F in the afternoon.

Decorating the snowman

We climbed up the hill towards Halls Ledge. It was already hotter than the prior day, so I stopped to re-wax Isaac’s and my skis five minutes from the car. Isaac and Cheri took the time to build a snowman with eyes, arms, and Old Man’s beard for hair. Farther up the trail, we paused for snacks at the old Orchard. We watched a couple skiers take off their skis to hike down the Prospect Farm Rd/Wildcat Valley Trail. Isaac wondered why they were doing that. To which Cheri replied,

“They must not want to have any fun.”

Well, we wanted to have fun, so we skied up the hill until it was almost lunch time. Cheri and I discussed useful things, like how to get in enough exercise during the week without feeling guilty about time away from work. And how to get parents signed up for covid vaccine.

We turned around at Beth Hendrick Trail. The snow was already getting soft from the warm day. Our skis weren’t sticking, but they sagged into the trail as if it hadn’t been groomed. Back at the orchard I asked Isaac if we should take our skis off to walk down the rest of the hill. He looked at me as if I were nuts and skated away as fast as he could go.

After lunch, we switched to skate skis, and skied the Wave starting from the Woodchuck trail parking. Unfortunately, the temperature swing was wreaking havoc on the snow pack. That morning’s grooming, which would have been firm and fast, wasn’t supportive any more. In the sunniest fields, our skis sank a couple inches into the snow. In the woods, the snow made styrofoam squeaks as it shifted under our weight. We got Isaac good and tired before returning to the cars. Our timing was just about perfect. The first raindrops appeared on the windshield as I was changing my boots.

Photos from the morning

GPS Track

My phone updated OSMAnd, the program I use for GPS tracking, right before this trip. The new UI gave me a heart attack on Wednesday when I thought it hadn’t recorded any track at all. It seems to have recorded tracks, but is having issues with elevation.

Morning track

Afternoon track