A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Nashua River low bracing

May 16, 2021
Emilie Phillips

We went out for another quick hour practice on the Nashua River. We have been watching the Staying Upright course from Online Sea Kayaking. The last section was on the low brace. So we came out to practice our low brace technique, and some refreshers on edging from the previous section.

Isaac trying to tip Tyson over

This time Isaac dressed himself with fleece under his drysuit, so he was most comfortable in the water. While we unloaded the boats from the car, he floated at the put in. When he practiced his deep water assisted reentry, he laze around in the water for so long that a motor boater came over to offer assistance. Then later he spent time in the water trying to tip Tyson and I over while we used our low brace to stay up. He never got us to capsize.

My exercise was to practice keeping my elbows directly above the paddle for the low brace. I think I typically let my elbows drop into a weaker position. I also tried sitting fully on top of my boat to make it extra tippy. That still needs more work. I kept falling in.

Isaac tried the low brace for feel. He also tried righting himself off the bow of another kayak. He struggled to keep his head down. Since then we have watched a few more videos with specific tips that he plans to try.

Tyson worked on his rolls, general flexibility, and paddling sitting on top of the boat.

As with last time, we didn’t make it far. This time there was less wind, so we let ourselves drift down into the oxbows and then paddled back up. We saw several families of geese with goslings, four male ducks who seemed to have nesting females in the woods, and plenty of other kayakers.

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