A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Friday I had vacation to celebrate Juneteenth. To enjoy the day, my parents, Isaac, and I went for a medium length hike in Dolly Sods, WV. It’s a loop I remember fondly from being a kid. All the woods have grown a little bigger. The grass has given way to more bushes. And the blueberries and ferns are now mixed with blackberry bushes. But it still has the same adventurous feel as it goes in and out of hemlock forests. The meadows still feel airy and open. The trail still rock hops across sphagnum bogs. And I now know to look for carnivorous sun dew plants. There were tons of green berries on the blueberry bushes. Isaac optimistically tried some.

We ate lunch at the best cascades and swimming pool along Red Creek. I skipped sliding down the cascades. Some things are better as a kid when you bounce off everything. However, I did pull my courage together and swam three laps across the frigid swimming hole. Mom joined me for one lap.

One the way back, we paused for Isaac to blow bubbles and play frisbee. It was at the end of frisbee that I noticed a bush with some most curious branches. At first I thought it might be a walking stick bug. But then I resolved it into a pair of brown prescription glasses. Oops. We brought them home. Hopefully my parents can find the owner.

Emilie’s Photos

John’s Photos

Dad forgot to bring his swimming clothes, so he took photos instead.

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