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Cobscook preparation

Emilie Phillips

We are getting ready for our kayaking trip to Cobscook Bay. We will be staying at a house, so food isn’t hard. Gear will be the standard sea kayaking day trip gear. So the real preparation is deciding where to paddle.

The first time the Phillips/Sawyer family paddled Cobscook Bay in 2008, Tyson and I were only a few years into sea kayaking. We bought a couple guidebooks and figured we would play it by ear. We mostly stayed in our boats, played in the currents, and watched the wildlife.

Three years later in 2011, Tyson and I came back for a three day instructional session paddling the Bold Coast and Cobscook. This time we had guides who knew the area.

Now it’s our turn to plan again. The old guidebooks we bought in 2008 are the latest ones available — particularly Kayaking the Maine Coast by Dorcas Miller. The other guidebook blogs are suggesting is the MITA guide. We have that too. The MITA guide showed a few places to land. Enough to have fun but a little sparse. However, after finding all the publicly accessible lands around Saco Maine, I decided to sleuth some more on the internet.

I found TONS of preserved land. I am collecting everything in this CalTopo map. So far I have entered:

The relevant NOAA chart is #11394.

[Edit: See the posts from the actual trip.]