A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Ice cream from Hampton Airport

September 25, 2021
Emilie Phillips

Tyson got the Bearhawk back together and flying. He will make a separate post about his three month effort to upgrade the avionics and engine monitoring. To celebrate, we flew to Hampton to get afternoon ice cream on the coast. I flew my RV4 and Tyson and Isaac took the Bearhawk with three full size bikes in the back.

At Hampton, we met a few regulars. They suggested going to the Beach Plum instead of the ice cream shop I had picked out. It was only 4 miles away. Right next to the airport is a dirt rail trail. Neither Google nor open street maps knows about it. We took it. The only problem is it doesn’t have good access back onto roads. Once on Atlantic Ave, the ride was uneventful. It had a generous shoulder.

The Beach Plum had the usual (for NH) ginormous ice cream servings. They also have a dinner menu that looked tasty. Tyson really wanted the lobster roll. We decided to hang around for a bit and then have dinner. First we visited North Hampton state park beach across the way. Isaac built water diversion structures in the sand. Tyson and I went for a walk. Then we decided to bicycle Ocean Boulevard along the coast. The Isles of Shoals gleamed off in the distance. Some surfers were riding a small break at Bass Beach. On the opposite side of the road the mansions and their gardens were impressive. Quite the scenery whichever way you look.

By the time we finished with dinner and bicycle back to the airport, it was getting late. We landed at Brookline after dark.

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