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Monadnock kids caves

September 10, 2021
Emilie Phillips

Isaac had a friend over for a couple days. Isaac’s recent hour long play dates with other friends had tried my patience. So I picked an activity that I knew would keep Isaac occupied and on good behavior — hiking. I gave the two kids a choice: hike to the summit of Monadnock, or explore the caves on the side of Monadnock. Isaac picked the caves because he loves rock scrambling. David picked the caves because they weren’t up as far.

The forecast was for sun in southern NH, but Monadnock hung onto the clouds from the night before. The clouds lifted as we climbed, so most of the time we were below them. Under the clouds it was so clear we could see the Boston sky line. We did hit brief bouts of mist and rain. The kids loved watching the clouds rushing by.

Isaac led the way to finding the caves. He quickly found the first smaller caves we had found in 2018. However, we didn’t find the second cave with two entrances. We continued diagonally across and up the mountain. We seemed to be about out of the interesting strata (and about out of time), when we paused to explore one last overhang. Isaac poked his nose everywhere until he found one passage under the rocks. And then he found a second deeper one. David and I did the higher passage. The lower one was smaller.

After that, everyone was getting tired, and it was time to head down. I overruled the kids and declared we were going down a different way than we had come up for variety. By the time we got to Bald Rock, the clouds were gone. We looked back at a perfect blue sky view of Monadnock.

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