A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Two trips up north

Emilie Phillips

We have been up to a few smaller things recently.

Visit Cheri & Turner

Back at the end of September we went up to Brownfield Maine for a day with Cheri and Turner. We spent a couple hours kayaking at the nearby Burnt Meadow Pond, and then hung out for the afternoon at their place. Turner got to do a new type of rescue that he had never done with trip participants before — extricate Isaac from the grass and bushes. Isaac was sure the channel went through, but it curved too much for his boat. After lunch Turner was supposed to go work on railings. I’m not sure he did.

Flight to Bethlehem

Then in October during peak foliage season, I had to go north to the vacation house for boiler service. I flew up to Whitefield NH. Flying across NH I saw the full spectrum of fall colors. Southern NH is just starting to turn. Northern NH is bare in places. I had to detour around the mountains proper because of clouds.