A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Mount Pemigewasset

December 27, 2021
Emilie Phillips

The hardest part about hiking this mountain is spelling its name.

My parents came up for the holidays. There was fluffy snow, but not nearly enough to ski. The conditions seemed appropriate for a short hike near my vacation house. We had a little bit of trouble finding the trailhead. Only half of the Flume trail parking lot was plowed. The people who knew what they were doing drove all the way to the northern parking lot where the bike trail starts. The snow looked gorgeous to ski on. We wore microspikes to climb more efficiently, but there wasn’t even any ice in the trail. The rocks were poking through. The reward of the hike is up top when you break out onto an open ledge looking south and west. That day it was bright and sunny which made for a pleasant lunch. Or, at least it was bright and sunny where we were. To the west, clouds were flowing over Kinsman Ridge. When we returned to the car and drove north, we found clouds flooding Franconia Notch. North and west of the Whites was socked in with low clouds.

During the summer time, it looks like it would be fun to do a loop up the Indian Head Trail, down the Mount Pemigewasset trail, and back a mile along rt 3.

This mountain is on of the 52 with a view.

Hiking Photos

Emilie and Tyson’s photos

John’s photos

House Work

With my parents’ help, we made good progress on the downstairs unit in the vacation house — pictures hung, new upper kitchen cabinets, fixed the drawer slide, under cabinet lights mounted, and a start on coat hooks.

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