A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

AMC Family trip?

January 30, 2022
Emilie Phillips

I put a question mark in the title because this weekend’s ski trip to the Abenaki ski area in Wolfeboro NH was supposed to be an AMC trip. However, no one signed up. In discussing this issue, while skiing Grigory pointed out that the family trips listed do not include any volunteer led trips. I have since poked and looked at outdoors.org. I would say the bigger issue is that the website makes it look like the AMC is a lodging company and an environmental advocacy non-profit. Even the for-pay trips are downplayed. And the volunteer trips take serious sleuthing to find. If you do enough sleuthing, you can find the volunteer family led trips.

So that’s a bit dispiriting. Last year we had started getting a few participants on the family trips, so I was hopeful this year would be better.

As for the skiing itself, it was fun up and down on groomed tracks. The same skate skiers passed us multiple times. Isaac enjoyed not being the only kid. He was a little miffed that I had put kick wax on his skis rather than glide waxing from tip to tail for skating. I was quite happy with said same wax job on my skis. And Tyson is liking his new skis with a built in skin rather than scales. They are faster than his old cross country skis. Some of that is the scales vs skin. But some of it is also a stiffer camber.

We finished the day with some kid play time in the snow bank at Grigory and Kaitrin’s place.


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