A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

First ice landings of the season

January 16, 2022
Emilie Phillips

Back at the start of winter, the lakes took a while to freeze over, but they stayed mostly free of snow. So when we got a week of single digit F temperatures, all the lakes in southern NH froze. That Saturday morning, we texted our friends on lakes to get ice depth reports. There were barely and bob houses on Lake Potanipo when we got there. The trucks were just getting organized. Each of the lakes had some interesting bubbles and overflow patterns from the inconsistent rain and cold the weeks prior.

Lake Potanipo

First stop: Jerry and Cathy’s at Lake Potanipo. Isaac played pond hockey (without ice skates), while the adults chatted.

Ice boats on Lake Monomonac

From there we navigated by memory to John Strauss’s on Lake Monomonac. The ice boats were out sailing on Lake Monomonac. We stopped and chatted there for a while too.

Peter Temple’s place on Harrisville Pond

Then, it was headed towards sunset, but Tyson had texted Peter up in Harrisville, so we made a quicker stop on that pond too.

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We mostly navigated by looking out at the local landmarks, so we didn’t have our GPS’s running. This track is approximate.