A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Greeley Ponds

March 13, 2022
Emilie Phillips

This was supposed to have been an AMC trip, but we have been having a terrible time recruiting participants this year. So it was just Tyson, Isaac and I, but we had fun time. I suspect part of the reason people aren’t signing up is because we keep getting rainstorms. I was even doubting conditions. Monday it had rained, and Saturday the day before the trip was forecast to rain/slush. At the last minute, the forecast for the Saturday storm turned to all snow. It delivered. Up at higher elevations along the Kancamagus, we got 6 inches on top of a decent base.

Blowing snow and blowing skiers

Isaac really wanted to do Greeley Ponds because he knows it well. Every year he has gotten a little bit faster. This year, we were out an hour after lunch. The other thing Isaac likes is sliding around on the larger pond up top. With the fresh snow, I wasn’t optimistic for that. But the wind was blowing through the notch strong enough to strip the lake down to a rime ice layer. With the help of my foam pad as a sail, I was able to blow from one end to the other. Next time we should bring a kite.

No tracks

We ran into two groups on the way back. The first group turned around at the second pond and beat us back to the cars. They didn’t spend time playing on the pond or at the rock chute. Then we also met the adopter for the trail. Since we have considered adopting Cedar Brook on the other side of the highway, we stopped to chat.

On the way back I was thinking of better descriptions that might entice people to come on the trip.

This well maintained XC trail gets you into the heart of the mountains. For the sensible, there are views of the cliffs on Mt Osceola and Mt Kancamagus. The young and the young at heart can ski a narrow rock chute, do pirouettes on the icy lake, and enjoy a few powder turns on the side of the trail. Intermediate xc skills suggested – herringbone and ability to control speed on descent.

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