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Headwaters of the Ammonoosuc

October 1, 2022
Emilie Phillips

Fenton finished up his home school project on the Ammonoosuc River by hiking to the headwaters of the river. Sarah invited us along. We had a mad scramble packing Friday evening, but we managed to get out of the house in time for the ski committee meeting, and with enough stuff to stay the night at the vacation house and go for a hike in the morning. I was a last minute addition to the trip because rain canceled gliding for Saturday.

It was a nice fall day up north. The trees are turning colors. It wasn’t too hot or bitter cold like a couple weekends ago. The sun even came out by lunch time. We made it up to the Lakes of the Clouds hut and the lake nearby. Sarah had an afternoon appointment, so we split the group after lunch. The slow knees and the littlest legs stayed behind while the middle kids, Sarah, and I tried to hurry down. We didn’t actually descend much faster because the rocks were too slippery to safely hurry.

As always, it was fun to spend a day outside with Mike and Sarah and their kids.

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