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Icy cross country ski day

February 18, 2023
Emilie Phillips

This winter, being a terrible winter, it poured rain Friday and then dropped to 5F overnight. With a forecast like that, I expected solid ice. You can’t ski on ice with most cross country skis, so Sarah moved our AMC trip from Sugar Hill to a groomed cross country ski center. The one registered family was uninterested in groomed and canceled. We went anyways. At least it was a chance to get out.

Sarah and Fenton

This time, we skied uphill from Bear Notch. We had a few bad tempers starting at the bottom. By the top, everyone had, at least temporarily, put their stressors out of mind. Blue skies, a workout, gliding on something white, and friends can do miracles to cure midwinter blues. All four of us adults have been struggling to get things done this winter, but with time flying by. For my own sanity, I’m about ready to throw in the towel on winter and declare it hiking or kayaking season. For Saturday, I was glad to be outside skiing.

Bartlett station

We descended via a longer black trail. The kids loved it. (Ok, the adults loved it too.) Then we tried skiing up the next hill to find another black. That trail hadn’t been groomed yet. We decided to not tempt death cross country skiing an icy, snowshoe rutted black. We retreated down the blue trail. This trail meandered into a quaint old neighborhood of Bartlett. I liked the antique train plow car.

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