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Webster, Jackson and EV Chargers

July 23, 2023
Tyson Sawyer

Emilie had installed a pair of EV chargers at her Air B&B property in The White’s and needed to test them; but we don’t have an EV. Our friend Benoît from Montreal has an EV. We were overdue for getting together. So this weekend we met up in Bethlehem to test the chargers and go hiking.

Saturday we all arrived late. We tested the EV chargers. They work! Then we went for a short hike up Mt Agassiz. It is a boring hike on mountain bike trails, but with excellent views from the top. We finished the day with a stop at a super secret ice cream spot a block from the house.

That evening, I pulled out the maps and guide book to pick a route for a longer hike Sunday. After considering the schedule requirements, the parking logistics and how little hiking most of us had done recently, we decided on a loop/lollypop of Mt Webster and Mt. Jackson starting from the AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch. About 6 1/2 miles and 2,500 ft of vertical gain.

Photos from Saturday

Webster-Jackson Sunday

View from Bugle Cliff

We arrived and started hiking up the Webster Jackson Trail at about 8:30. Were able to get a parking spot close to the trail head, under the gaze of the Elephant Head. With plenty to see ahead of us, we skipped a stopped at the Elephant Head and made our first stop at Bugle Cliff.

Silver Cascade Brook

One mile in, the trail forks. Left goes up to Mount Jackson. Right descends to Silver Cascade Brook and then climbs up to Mount Webster. The cascade into a nice pool where the trail crossed the brook supported the name. Except for the stop at Bugle Cliff and some open space crossing Silver Cascade Brook, the hike was deep in the trees until we reached Mt Webster looking out over Webster Cliff.

Benoit, Isaac and Emilie on Mt Webster

The cool, dry breeze on the summit was a welcome change from the hot, humid, often rainy weather we had been experiencing for the past couple of months. The summit of Mount Webster has nice views across Crawford Notch to Mt. Avalon, Mt. Tom, Mt. Field and Mt. Willey.

Mount Washington out of the clouds

After an early lunch, we crossed the saddle to Mt. Jackson. Here we enjoyed views up the presidential ridge of Mt. Pierce, Mt. Eisenhower, Mt. Monroe and Mt. Washington as well as views north to the iconic red roofs of the Mt. Washington Hotel. After 2nd lunch and rest in more cool, dry breezes, we headed down.

Descent from Mt Jackson

The descent from Mt Jackson was very steep. Consider the reverse route if you prefer going up steep to going down steep.

This hike got us Mt Webster on the 52 with a view list, and Mt Jackson on the 4,000 footers list.

Photos for Sunday

GPS track for Sunday

My phone rebooted mid hike, so the track is from Emilie’s less accurate watch instead.