A Family Adventure

in the mountains, ocean, and air

Monadnock, separately

October 22, 2023
Emilie Phillips

The three of us couldn’t quite agree on where to go hiking. Tyson wanted a pleasant foliage hike. Isaac wanted a quick charge up and down a mountain with Mom so he could talk about Minecraft the whole way. I wanted a long tiring hike. We ended up splitting up.

Isaac out of breath

Isaac and I charged up and down the Pumpelly Trail. It was long enough that I got a work out. Isaac declared we had to be back at the car before 2PM. We had to jog parts of the last quarter mile, but we tagged the car at 1:59. 8.8 miles in 4 hours.

Tyson meanwhile, went and explored an abandoned trail — the Hedgehog trail. It is a historic trail. Tyson even found it on 1907 maps. However, within the past 10 years, the state park has dropped it from their maps and disguised the top and bottom intersections. Tyson and I disagreed over whether it is ethical to go “bushwhack” a closed trail. He found it easily enough. It shows a lot of use. Tyson made it to the top before us. He tried waiting. During that time, he got to watch the clouds blowing around the mountain and slowly lifting. We were too far behind, so he decided to quit waiting and instead hike over to Monte Rosa.

Tyson’s photos

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