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Man made snow

December 26, 2023
Emilie Phillips

The only skiing anywhere near us is on man made snow. On Sunday, Tyson, Isaac, and I acquired skate skis. This is the first set for Tyson and Isaac, and an upgrade for me. We tried them out on Jackson’s 1 kilometer of man made snow. Ticket price vs snow quality was pretty good. Tyson and Isaac both wanted some coaching on their skate technique, which I provided. And then I got a short cardio workout by sprinting around the loop. After 6 miles we called it quit. Now we need Dublin to get some snow so we can have fun closer to home.

Monday Emilie’s parents showed up. So Tuesday we went out skiing again, this time for lift serve skiing at Pats Peak. Farther north might have had more trails open, but the man made snow at Pats Peak was decent and it wasn’t too crowded. We were happy with our choice. The most interesting part of the day was the weather. There was a massive temperature inversion all across southern NH. We drove through fog to get to the ski area, and most of the chairlift ride up was through cold, damp fog. Then at the top, we broke out into sunshine. It was warm up top. Looking back down, the valley, small hills, and as far as we could see, was covered in white fog. When we skied back down, we felt a sharp edge between the warm and sunny, and the cold below. By mid day, the fog contracted to just the river valleys. The lift shack thermometer at the bottom said 42F, and the thermometer at the top 52F. Late afternoon, the fog completely re-solidified.

Photos from Pats Peak

GPS track from Jackson


The NHPR reporter who came to Pats Peak apparently didn’t ride the lift to the top to see the sun.


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