A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac


We are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Our most common pursuits are hiking, back country skiing, bicycling, and sea kayaking. We live on a small airport and enjoy flying all over southern New England.

Visit our website every week to learn where we went last weekend, or to get advice on going on your own adventure.

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Being outdoorsy folks, we try to do well by the environment and so we built an energy efficient house in 2010 and have been living there since.


Emilie Phillips

Emilie Phillips

I lead ski trips for the NH Appalachian Mountain Club. I am a Professional Ski Instructors of America certified level 1 instructor for telemark and for cross country. I am an avid sea kayaker. I enjoy surfing, rock play, and long distance races. I also have passed my BCU 3* certification and am working towards the next level. For motorized sports, I fly an RV-4 and I occasionally find time to ride my motorcycle.
Professionally, I work as a software engineer in robotics. For full details, see my resume.

Tyson Sawyer

Tyson Sawyer

Tyson grew up on the Jaffrey airport pushing planes around and flying a J3 Cub. After school he would hike up Monadnock to fly hand built remote control gliders.

Isaac Sawyer


Isaac isn’t contributing to our posts yet, but he’s an integral part of our family and our trips.


New England is famous for it’s hiking lists. Here’s the ones we are tracking:


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