A Family Adventure

in the mountains, ocean, and air

From Mt Watatic in north central Massachusetts up to North Pack Monadnock in New Hampshire, the Wapack Trail and its tributaries are the closest significant hiking to our house. We have hiked the whole length, but more often we hike a loop at one of the prominent mountains.

Guides and Maps

The Friends of the Wapack publish a guide and map for the Wapack Trail.
The AMC Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide has textual descriptions of the Wapack Trail and the side trails on South and North Pack Monadnock.
Open Street Maps bicycle layer shows all the trails.

Notable Sections

Mount Watatic

The hike up Mt Watatic is really short and great for either an afternoon hike, or taking friends who don’t hike. It is 1.2 miles up to an open summit with views. The trail is heavily used and has unfortunately eroded quite wide. We usually hike a loop going up the Wapack Trail and back down the State Line trail.

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Mt Watatic to Temple Mountain

This is a much less traveled section. There is a mix of ridges with views and up and down through swamps. Starting from the south, the best views are

  • Binney Pond on the Wapack trail
  • Pratt Mountain and Stony Top, best accessed from the side trail on the west
  • Kidder Mountain. The mountain is off the Wapack trail. A short hike to a good view.
  • The Temple Mountain ridge leading up to Burton Peak

Here is a map of some of our trips:

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Northern End

Miller State Park/South Pack Monadnock

This is again nice because it has a loop up and over the summit. The Wapack trail is the steeper route up the hill, climbing over rocks at times. The Marion Davis trail climbs more gradually. There is a fee to park which is enforced in the summer. The Miller State Park site has a trail map. 2.8 miles for the loop.

North Pack Monadnock

This area has the most options for trails that haven’t been overused. The main Wapack trail up to the summit is somewhat overused, but we recently discovered the Ted and Carolyn trails which take much more scenic routes up to the back side of the mountain. Both are described in the AMC guide and shown in Open Street maps. I particularly like Ted’s trail for it’s waterfall. Once we lugged climbing gear up to the cliff and had fun.

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