A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Isaac Rock Climbing with Grandparents

April 18, 2019
Trudy Phillips

Isaac was enthusiastic about rock climbing as we passed the medium rocks on the second day of the backpack trip. But then he switched his plan to just climbing the little rocks. We did not understand the transformation until he said that he was afraid of the bobcat that had been under some of the rocks last year. We promised to stay away from that part of the rocks.

Isaac successfully climbed a small chimney, with more grace the second try as he figured how to push against the opposing side so that he could move his butt up. Then we suggested a longer crack and ledge route. He gave a good try, but could not manage to extend his leg while he had less than stellar hand holds. Grandma and Grandpa climbed up that crack and we moved back to the little rocks which are on the route back to the house.

The medium rocks are coarse sandstone which provide a grippy surface, but few flat, open ledges. The little rocks are stacked sedimentary rocks with multiple horizontal ledges, ranging from large boot size ledges to tip-of-the-toe size ledges. Isaac climbed two different routes, trying his best to avoid the grassy places. The top of both climbs had overhangs. The first one was easy to slide around. The second one was a head bonk and a traverse to attain the top of the rocks.