A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

We had an Isaac free day. I wanted to hike as far as we could. Tyson wanted to have fun exploring. And we couldn’t stray far from south-eastern New Hampshire because we had to pick Isaac back up. The only place in south-eastern New Hampshire is Pawtuckaway (map). We’ve been rock climbing there. We’ve been […]

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Pawtuckaway Loop

Photo Album

July 29, 2018

Loop around Pawtuckaway’s small mountains.

Advanced Desperation Skiing

February 14, 2016
Emilie Phillips

Desperation skiing is when there hasn’t been any snow, so you take your skis out on 6″ of snow and try to ignore the scraping sounds from the rocks. Then throw on top of that temperatures around 0F and a route following a hiking trail, and it gets downright advanced. All the weather forecasts predicted […]

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AMC intro climbing at Pawtuckaway

October 11, 2009
Emilie Phillips

Sunday, I got up early, finished packing, and headed out on my motorcycle. In some respects it might not have been the best morning for motorcycling (it was freezing out), but there was no rain forecast, and I was only going an hour away, so I sprang for it. Where I was going to was […]

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