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Flight West Across the Plains

June 9, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated July 11, 2019

Sunday we crossed the Mississippi River. This was our first day into the unknown. Our route and destination would be defined by how long we could fly and what the weather did to us.

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Planning our first flying and hiking trip to Utah

June 5, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated July 3, 2019

For two months now, we have been planning a flying trip out west. The last few weeks, Tyson even stayed up past midnight every evening. This trip is the first time either Tyson or I have flown west of the Mississippi. Our goal was to do some real backcountry flying, just like in the youtube […]

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Night Flight

May 18, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated May 22, 2019

I last flew at night in 2012. I was just out of flight training. We aren’t planning to fly at night during our cross country vacation to Utah, but it seems prudent to refresh my skills. I picked Saturday, May 18, to practice because the full moon should illuminate the ground. I also picked Saturday […]

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Learning Bearhawk Takeoff Technique for High Altitude

May 4, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated May 9, 2019

We emulated a high altitude takeoff by only giving partial throttle and found the Bearhawk takes off best with 10 degrees of flaps and tail up. We tried tail up and tail down takeoffs, no flaps and 10 degrees of flaps. Tyson was pretty sure more flaps would be too much drag. Ten degrees of […]

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Big Tires at Intervale and Crow

April 21, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated May 1, 2019

We bought the big tires for landing in backcountry strips out west. But it’s not enough to have the right equipment, you also need to know how to fly it. I expect I’ll need to fly the Bearhawk every weekend between now and our vacation to get good enough. We also need to record how […]

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New 31″ Bushwheels for the Bearhawk

April 15, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated April 24, 2019

This summer, we are flying out west for a vacation. We need to sort out lots of details, and tires are one of them. Inspirational backcountry flying videos all show airplanes with giant balloon tires. On the other hand, the guidebooks describe the maintained airstrips as suitable for a standard general aviation plane. Back country […]

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We have two small airplanes, an RV-4 and a Bearhawk, and we have fun flying them to local small airports, and off field landings with other local pilots.

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