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Review of Rebel Ilaga compared to Tahe Marine Greenland

Emilie Phillips
updated November 15, 2018

Johan Wirsén first designed a Greenland style kayak for Tahe Marine — the Tahe Marine Greenland. Then that design moved to Zegul, and now Johan is selling his kayak designs under the Rebel brand. The Rebel Ilaga is the closest to the original Tahe, so how similar is it? A few weeks ago, I had […]

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Long Weekend on Tybee Island

October 26, 2018
Emilie Phillips
updated November 2, 2018

We flew to Tybee Island Georgia for an end of summer paddling trip. We’ve paddled Tybee two other times, once at Halloween and once at Thanksgiving. My parents provided all the kayaks. Isaac has learned to paddle his own boat, so we no longer needed a tandem. Isaac paddled my Mom’s skin on frame. Dad […]

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Surf Training in Ipswich Bay

September 16, 2018
Tyson Sawyer
updated October 24, 2018

We took Isaac kayaking in Ipswich Bay at the south end of Plum Island. He did great. He took a number of rides on some Isaac sized surf and learned to edge into the wave. His kayak control is still limited, but he edged enough that he never flipped. We made progress on wet exits. […]

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Paddle Rye Harbor to Jenness Beach

October 14, 2018
Emilie Phillips
updated October 15, 2018

I wanted to paddle rocky shoreline instead of the sand beaches at Ipswich Bay. NOAA forecasted 0.7 foot swells — flat enough that it was safe to take Isaac out on the open coast. The best rocky beaches are farther north, or longer paddles. But the stretch from Rye Harbor south to Jenness Beach has […]

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Rec boating on Lake Potanipo

September 3, 2018
Emilie Phillips
updated September 20, 2018

Labor Day, the last day of summer, ninety degrees, sunny, and we hadn’t yet been paddling this summer. “Let’s go kayaking this afternoon,” I said as we sat down for lunch, “just a quick dip.” “It takes us two hours to pack,” Tyson complained, “an hour to drive anywhere, and two hours to clean up […]

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Tybee Creek Waves

November 25, 2017
Emilie Phillips
updated December 29, 2017

There is a large sand bar at the mouth of Tybee Creek. The sandbar and 60F warm ocean water were what attracted us to Tybee Island. Prior to hurricane Mathew in 2016, the sand bar was an extension of the beach. People would walk out at low tide and then get stranded as the tide […]

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Up and back Jack’s Cut

November 24, 2017
Emilie Phillips
updated December 19, 2017

We had achieved three of our goals for the trip: turkey, dolphins, and surfing for my parents. Isaac still wanted to paddle my Mom’s skin on frame kayak, and Tyson and Isaac wanted to surf. Friday’s weather looked good for Isaac to paddle Grandma’s skin on frame. We needed somewhere protected but interesting. The small, […]

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Tybee Rough Water Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017
Emilie Phillips
updated November 29, 2017

Thursday morning at Tybee was raining and 55F. Magic seaweed predicted 2.5′ waves at 9 seconds with 10 to 18 mph winds from the northeast. Rough conditions, but with the wind onshore and high tide mid-morning, we decided the sandbar at the mouth of Tybee Creek was a safe play spot.

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Sea kayaking is a wonderful sport. You can go for distance and see as much coastline as possible. You can go for adrenaline and surf waves or play in rocks. You can stare out into the endless blue horizon and meditate. We love all it’s facets.

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