A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

First Ski Day

Nov 12, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

The radio said the first NH ski areas were planning to open for the weekend, Bretton Woods and Wildcat were blowing snow. The weather had been so warm in October and the first half of November that not even the far northern Maine ski areas had opened yet. Isaac was desperate to go skiing, and […]

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Posted Dec 11, 2017

Tybee Rough Water Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

Thursday morning at Tybee was raining and 55F. Magic seaweed predicted 2.5′ waves at 9 seconds with 10 to 18 mph winds from the northeast. Rough conditions, but with the wind onshore and high tide mid-morning, we decided the sandbar at the mouth of Tybee Creek was a safe play spot.

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Posted Nov 29, 2017

Winter prep

Author Emilie Phillips

We are busy splitting and stacking firewood and prepping ski equipment for winter. And my tendinitis flared up from using the phone too much. So it will be another few weeks until there’s a new interesting post.

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Posted Nov 9, 2017

Poor RV-4

Oct 21, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

Sunday at Wentworth it rained and the clouds wouldn’t go away. I saved myself a morning of worry by tying my airplane down and declaring I’d come back to get it some nicer day. Tyson was in charge of hunting a break in the clouds. When the break came, all 8 or so remaining pilots […]

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Posted Oct 30, 2017

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