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What I learned from three years commuting with an E-bike

Emilie Phillips
updated June 14, 2019

Three years ago I started commuting into Cambridge on a brand new e-bike. Before this, I had never commuted by bike. I had bicycled recreationally a few times a year and I was in good shape, so I thought I was ready. Bike Commute Bike commuting in a city is quite different from easy rides […]

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Gray Spring Hike on North Pack

April 27, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated June 5, 2019

After our final ski trip to Gulf of Slides, we pushed off hiking for a few weeks because it kept raining. At the end of April, we found a Sunday that was gray and windy, but only a 10% chance of rain. A friend of ours, Diane, is giving hiking a second chance. We invited […]

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Local Ice Cream Exploration

May 4, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated May 30, 2019

We bicycled to the new soft serve ice cream bar, Sundae Drive, near the Milford town line and the high point on Rt 13. Our weekend was already full preparing for our Utah vacation, so we only had time for a short bike ride. Issac’s goal for the year is to bicycle as far as […]

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Night Flight

May 18, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated May 22, 2019

I last flew at night in 2012. I was just out of flight training. We aren’t planning to fly at night during our cross country vacation to Utah, but it seems prudent to refresh my skills. I picked Saturday, May 18, to practice because the full moon should illuminate the ground. I also picked Saturday […]

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We like sea kayaking in big waves, landing our airplanes off-airport, skiing in the wilderness, and more. Check back next week to hear about our family’s latest adventure.

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