A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Mt Jefferson

August 11, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated August 16, 2019

Mt Jefferson is 5,712 feet tall. One of the peaks in the Presidential Range with Mt Washington. We hiked it Sunday. This was a let’s go get it, kind of trip. So we didn’t stop for lots of photos, and the story is straight forward. The weather almost made a different story.

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The Copper Miner’s trail at Keg Knoll

June 12, 2019
Emilie Phillips
updated August 7, 2019

We chose to explore the Copper Miner’s trail into Keg Springs Canyon. It was the shortest route off the plateau, if it existed. We only had vague descriptions to follow from blogs and forum threads.

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The data says we go skiing in winter

Emilie Phillips
updated August 4, 2019

I decided to play around with the accumulated data in this blog. I used python and pandas, since those are the tools I use at work. I downloaded all posts, then removed duplicates and uncategorized posts. The final graph of activities vs month of the year is above, or click here for full resolution graph. […]

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Picking blueberries on Straightback Mountain

Emilie Phillips
updated July 31, 2019

The turkeys ate all our blueberries in our yard, so we headed up to the Belknap range to pick blueberries. Four years ago when we hiked Mt Major, we had seen lots of blueberries there. We hiked the precipice loop path. We only saw one other person on Precipice Path. The treadway looked like it […]

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We like sea kayaking in big waves, landing our airplanes off-airport, skiing in the wilderness, and more. Check back next week to hear about our family’s latest adventure.

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