A Family Adventure

Tyson, Emilie & Isaac

Surf the new Rebels at Seabrook

Oct 1, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

On their own, my parents are flat water paddlers. When they visit, I push them to play in ocean waves. This time I also wanted to demonstrate what their new kayaks could do. Magic Seaweed predicted 1 to 2 foot waves with 9 to 10 second period at Hampton Beach. Just right for a beginner […]

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Posted Oct 11, 2017

New Rebel Greenland Kayaks with Cheri and Turner

Sep 30, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

It was raining down in Connecticut, pouring really. And a few bolts of cloud to cloud lightning flashed above New London. But this was the day Cheri and Turner had chosen to demo the Rebel kayaks. My Mom had just bought the smallest of the Rebel Greenland line — the Naja, almost an exact replica […]

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Posted Oct 5, 2017

The Stories Benoît Told in the ‘Dacks

Sep 16, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

We should have been unpacking from our Olympics trip, but when Benoît called saying he would be this side of the Hudson Strait, we had to go visit. He was in Montreal, too far to drive. We agreed to meet half way by flying to the Adirondacks. The forecast for the weekend was fog in […]

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Posted Sep 28, 2017

Surfing at Jenness Beach

Sep 24, 2017
Author Emilie Phillips

It’s fall and the tropical storms are passing by New England. Jose left us with sunny skies, 2-3 foot swell, 80 degree air, and warm water. A great day for surfing. The parking lot at Jenness Beach was packed, and the water was carpeted with black neoprene. We drove past the beach to Rye Harbor. […]

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Posted Sep 25, 2017

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